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All star tennisHow to access your account & what's new

How to access - Member Plus & players with course bookings

Please follow the steps below to sync your account. 

New or returning players

If you are new to All Star Tennis, do not have a Member Plus or a active course booking please follow these steps – 

  • Click ‘My Account’ in the top right corner
  • Select ‘Create Profile’ to sync your details 
  • Once you have completed your details you will be able to continue to make any bookings

New Booking Features

Please take a few moments to get yourself set up and understand more about this.

All Star App

Whether you are Team Apple or Team Android we don’t mind. You can now book all your courts, sessions, courses and manage your account through the All Star App.

To ensure your accounts sync up you must use the same login details for the app as you do on the website.


Book, cancel and move your court bookings


Book, cancel and move your court bookings


View your bookings and make any changes .


Look out for offers and lots more to come

Download the app now

Optimise your time and maximise your convenience by using the All Star Tennis app.


Book your free trial today! Subject to availability on all junior clubs and adult morning courses running during the Summer Term. 

Call 020 8871 4706 or email