Wandsworth Park Court Resurfacing

Court works that were scheduled for the first week of April 2019 have been delayed. This is due to issues caused by a nearby tree and its large roots. Last week a trench around the roots was excavated with a view to trim and install a root barrier, to stop the issue of roots coming through the court surface making it uneven. Wandsworth Council Tree officers inspected the exposed roots and deemed them too big to be trimmed, therefore the proposed barrier could not be installed. This leaves us with a challenge as the court can not be relocated nor can the tree be cut down.
All Star Tennis met on site with Wandsworth Council, The Friends of Wandsworth Park, Wandsworth Tree Officers and local stake holders to discuss a possible solution. Currently the new thinking that is being explored is to raise the height of the court to make sure the roots do not cause any problems to the surface.  A raised court is likely to need double the amount of funding then previously required and will now have to be scheduled to be carried out later this year. All Star Co-Founder Ben White commented:

‘Unfortunately, as with any building project, there can be unforeseen hurdles. We understand the importance of the safety of the tree and we are working with Wandsworth Council to find a solution to provide a great new surface for the users of the park’

Ben added ‘We would like to thank the playing public for their patience with the court resurfacing and will update when we have more information’


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