Can I book a court without being a Member or Member Plus?

Yes – on the day only if any courts are available

  • Member Plus  allows you to book up to 28 courts up to 7 days in advance at any of the tennis venues in the borough.  Reduced fees on courses, courts and sessions and special offers. See here for full details of joining.
  • Member allows you to book courts one day in advance (except Wandsworth and Tooting Common, which are on the day only)
I’ve lost my Member Plus card, what should I do?

No problem – you can play as long as your photo is stored on your account.  If you haven’t done this yet, add a photo to your account or send us one to:

If you would like a new card we can issue you a replacement card for and administration fee of £5

How long does my Member Plus/Member last for?

Member Plus – lasts for one year from date of purchase.

Member – is free and for as long as you like



Does signing up for a course, court or session, give me automatic membership for court booking?

Yes! Sign up online and you can become a member for free.  This allows you to book courts up to one day in advance at King Georges Park, Leaders Gardens, Furzedown Rec and Wandsworth Park. On the day booking at Wandsworth Common and Tooting Common.

Upgrade to Member Plus for up to 7 day in advance priority court bookings and any of our 28 courts across the borough. Choose your preferred court at one of our Wandsworth venues. Play off peak for free and receive discounts on all courses, sessions and courts, plus much more…

What methods of payment can I use?

Card or cash payment only.

Our cheapest prices can be found online.

How do I book a tennis course, court or session?

Find the tennis course, court or session you are looking to book. Click book and you will be promoted to either sign in or sign up. If you are booking for children or other adults, simply add them as associates and book for them as well once you are within your account. Payment can be by debit or credit card (2.5% supplement for credit cards).

Cheapest prices can be found online.

You can also call  020 8871 4706 or come in person,

You will receive a confirmation email for your booking.

What if it is raining?

Please bring protection from showers as our general policy is that courses will go ahead unless persistent heavy rain makes the courts unplayable. We make a decision, at the latest, half an hour before the starting time and will call to cancel. We appreciate that some will need to set off before this time. If in doubt, please call your venue, If more than one session is lost to rain during a course, we will offer an alternative session or a voucher.

Do I get a refund if one session of a course is cancelled?

We will organise an alternative session or, if mutually convenient, to join another group only if more than one session of a course is cancelled.

For full details, see our Terms and Conditions – Wet Weather Policy.

What if I decide to cancel a course?

For full details, see our Terms and Conditions (5) Cancellation of courses – all cancellations must be made in writing, by letter or email, and be received a minimum of seven days before the course begins. Verbal cancellations will not be accepted. On cancellation of a course booking up to seven days or more prior to the first session, a refund will be given less £20 administration fee. After this period there will be no refund.

What level of adult course should I join?

Call the Tennis Office for advice or call in and speak to a coach in person. You can find a description of our levels HERE

Do you offer individual and small group lessons?

We do offer individual and small group lessons, please complete the application form on the relevant page of the website where there are further details. We will then be in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time for your lessons.

Can I buy a voucher for a Individual lesson as a present?

Yes, please email us for details.

My children are booked on to a course. What should they bring with them?

All children should have comfortable sports clothing suitable for the weather and sun protection if needed. ‘Whites’ are not necessary.

Term time programmes – Drink only

Holiday Camps – Children 8 and over will need to bring some snacks for breaks and a full packed lunch. 5-7 year olds also need snacks for breaks and both will need plenty of fluids.

We provide tennis rackets unless they have their own and would like to bring them. Please ensure rackets are clearly marked with the child’s name. For full details see our Junior Tennis Courses page and  ‘What you need to know…..’




Can my 4 year old join the 5 to 7 group?

Only if within a month or two of their 5th birthday, or they are known to the coaches from the Toddler sessions and judged by the coaches as able to join the older group.

Can my 7 year old join the 8 to 14 holiday course?

Not unless they have some experience from our courses in previous years and the coaches are in agreement.

Can my 8 year old join the morning session only of the holiday course?

No because the courses are designed to accommodate all abilities and have plenty of rest periods. The camp is an experience and we would like to have the children experience all of it.

We would like to book a few days of a camp. Is this ok?

It is a possibility, but we would not be able to make this kind of booking until a few days before the start of the camp and only if the camp is not already full. The alternative is to come along on the day you wish to play, and if there is space, pay a daily rate. Please call the 020 8871 4706 for further details

Can I bring two toddlers to the Toddler and Adult session?

No — it does need to be one adult to each child as the course is designed for both working together.

If I book a course, is it guaranteed to run?

Whilst we endeavour to provide the advertised programme in full, All Star Tennis reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or change the location of a course (and the previously assigned staff member or coach) without punitive action, sanction or liability.

We reserve the right to cancel courses at any time in advance of the start date in the event of insufficient numbers. A full refund will then be given or a shorter version of the course may be offered.

Adult or junior courses may require a minimum of 1 coach to 4 players to run. If the ratio is less than this amount the course may begin with the intention of the course filling up to a 1:4 ratio within two weeks. If the ratio 1:4 is not established after two weeks then the course will revert to an individual or small group lesson and appropriate charges will apply.

What if need to change my course booking?

All amendments, changes and or cancellations must be submitted in writing by email and agreed and acknowledged by the All Star Tennis Reception Team

Changing from one course to another will incur a £10 charge (one change free for Member Plus) and must be arranged at least seven days prior to the start date of the course you wish to move from. Changing a course whilst the course is running may be possible (subject to availability) and will incur a £10 charge plus any additional course fee (if greater).

If you wish to cancel the course, the cancellation must be sent by email to and be received a minimum of seven days before the course begins. Verbal cancellations will not be accepted under any circumstance. On cancellation of a course booking up to seven days or more prior to the first session, a refund will be given, less £20 administration fee. No refunds available after that date. We are unable to accept replacements in lieu of your booking.

What if I need to change a Cardio Tennis booking?

Cardio Tennis sessions must be paid for at the time of booking and may be moved or amended up to 24 hours before the session begins. Cancellations or amendments made 24 hours or more before the session begins (made in writing, by phone or in person) will be credited in full to your account and MUST be used within 3 weeks, no refunds will be issued. Cancellations that take place after 24 hours before the session begins will not be credited and no refunds will be given.

What is a Social Tennis session?

Social Tennis sessions have a focus on matchplay and drills. Please check the detail below to ensure you get the most out of your session.

Here is our 10 point Players Charter – please observe these points to ensure everyone has a good time.

  1. Please arrive on time (it’s annoying for other players to wait for you to start a game). If you are going to be late, please advise the tennis office or coach where possible. Your place may be forfeited without refund if you arrive more than 10 minutes late
  2. Be courteous and respectful to other players and users of the courts
  3. Play fair – call lines as you see them and if in doubt give the benefit to your opponents
  4. If you hit a ball over the fence please get it back as soon as that service game finishes, doing this will help to keep the group with better balls and the costs of running the session down
  5. Occasionally a player’s self assessment of their own playing level will be incorrect. This is usually a player putting themselves at a higher level, but not always. The coach will advise you if this is the case. Please respect the coach’s opinion as we have everyone’s best interest and enjoyment of the session in mind
  6. If you find the equipment or balls provided are not up to standard, let your coach know
  7. Do you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions about your experience, or in how All Star can improve what it does? Don’t keep it to yourself, please let us know
  8. Be responsible for your own warm up and cool down to help minimise injury and maximize your performance
  9. Most importantly – have fun!
  10. Ok that’s only 9 – can you suggest the 10th?
Can I make up a session I miss during a course?

Sessions cannot be re-scheduled or refunded if you are unable to participate due to personal reasons. It is however sometimes possible to arrange with the Tennis Centre Office to fill a vacant place at another time. Please email to see if this is possible.

If I book a course, court or a session, am I automatically a British Tennis Member of the LTA?

There is an option for you to be signed up by us as a registered British Tennis Member which we always recommend. This is free and the benefits are listed at   You can always unsubscribe from this via the LTA website at a later date if you wish.

Do children on Junior Courses have to be signed in and out with an adult?

Permission for children to go home unaccompanied (aged 12 and above only) must be given in writing or emailed to before the first day of the course. If written permission is not received, and contact cannot be made with parent/guardian, we will keep the child at the venue until they are picked up or contact is made with the parent/guardian.

Children on tennis courses are fully supervised but we cannot undertake to supervise children using the courts at other times.

Can I book children of friends and relatives on a course via my own account?

Yes – but please make it very clear who is the responsible adult for each child and include the appropriate telephone contact number for each.

Can I bring more than one child to a Toddler and Adult session?

These sessions are designed for one adult and one child and it can be very difficult to keep more than one child involved in the activities. We do acknowledge that sometimes this is necessary (for twins, for example), so please call and discuss. Similarly, if a younger child comes along in a buggy, please be aware that 45 minutes can be a long time for them!

I have some comments to make – how I can I do this?


All Star Tennis are committed to being the best that we can be, on and off the court, and to give the most positive experience possible to all users. To allow us to continue to strive for these goals we need your on-going support. We would be grateful if you could share your experiences with us, either positive or negative, about any aspect of All Star Tennis. We would also be keen to hear any suggestions or comments of how you feel we can improve what we do or develop the products that we offer via


Do I have to bring a tennis racket?

All equipment is provided but you may, of course, wish to bring your own racket if you have one. Rackets can differ a great deal, ask your coach for advice on finding the right solution for you. Grips – oversized or undersized? Worn out handles? Rackets that are too heavy or too light? All these can cause discomfort, lack of enjoyment and at worst, injury. We want to make sure that you get the most out of learning to play. If you are returning to the game, you may have a racket that you used at school or University and that would be a good reference point to start playing with again. Your All Star Coach can give you advice on appropriate racket selection.

What shoes and clothing should I wear?

Your shoes ideally need to give support for the demands the multi-direction al movement that tennis requires. We do not recommend running shoes as they do not give enough ankle support.

Clothing should be comfortable and suitable for movement. Bring a drink, ideally water or sports based, as hydration is important before, during and after exercise.

What to do when my course finishes?

Your coach is the best person to advise you for your next steps in tennis. They can help guide you to the next appropriate course, social tennis session, drop in, cardio, competition, or even how to book a court.

Over the years that we have run All Star Tennis, we have witnessed many groups of players successfully continue to play together after a course has finished. We do encourage players to safely exchange contact details, suggesting appropriate times and venues to play. Finding players of a similar level of ability who you can practice with can be a challenge, we can help you with this to continue on your tennis journey. Players participating in autumn term-time morning sessions will be given priority to re-book for the following spring term.


What do juniors need to bring on holiday camps?

All equipment is provided, children are welcome to bring their own marked and identifiable racket if they have one. Our coaching team can give advice on appropriate equipment and where to purchase if required.

 On the court – Please bring

  • Protection from the weather (hot, cold or rain). In heat, this means applying sun cream before the session and reapplying through the day. In cooler times this means outer clothing and staying warm during breaks
  • Clothing should be comfortable sports clothing, with trainers.

Age 5 to 7 Years – they need drinks and small snacks to allow for the length of the session. If you could make sure that you child goes to toilet before the session begins it would be a big help. There are supervised toilet breaks during the session.

Age 8 – 14 and Teen camps – they require a packed lunch and enough food and water/drinks to get through the day. In warm weather, the amount of fluid required is significantly greater.

Snacks and drinks are available to purchase at each Tennis Reception

Please add our centre contact numbers to your phone in case you may be delayed in collecting your child: 0208 871 4706

How do I book a court?

Please book your court before going to the venue.

Court bookings can currently only be made online by clicking here 


Booking is available 7 days a week.

Member Plus players can book 7 days in advance, all other bookings can be made the day before.

Can I hire or buy rackets and balls?

If you book a court you will need to bring your own equipment and should not share this with other players.

Our reception at Wandsworth Common will be open at the following times to purchase equipment:

Monday 7th September & Saturday 24th October:

Monday: 9am to 6pm

Tuesday: 9am to 6pm

Wednesday: 9am to 6pm

Thursday: 9am to 6pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: 9am to 5pm

Sunday: Closed

How far in advance can I book?

7 day advance booking is possible with a Member Plus all other players can book 1 day in advance. 

A Member Plus also provides players with discounts on all court bookings. Find out more by clicking here


How do I book a lesson?

Individual lessons are £45-£50 for 1-1 depending on the location.

To request a lesson please complete this quick form and we will be in touch as soon as we can to help arrange this with you  – request a lesson




What happens if I booked a course, session or court that has been unable to run?

We will provide a full credit for all bookings impacted due to the closure of the courts and programme from the coronavirus. There will be no expiry for this credit and you will be able to use it towards any course, lesson, court hire or equipment once we reopen fully.

How can I use the credit on my account?

You can use all credits on your account for anything on the All Star programme, court bookings or individual lessons. Please email us the details of what you are booking and we will be in touch to help take care of the rest.


How can I contact you?

With all venues and receptions closed, our team will be working remotely to support in any way we can. Please use the below details to get in touch:


Social Media: twitter @allstartennis



I have an adult course/session booking in January. Will this run?


Under the current guidelines only group sessions for players under 18 years can run. These guidelines will be reviewed before the end of 2020 and we hope to be able to update all players booked on our January adult programme as soon as we know more.

If we are unable to run sessions all players will receive a full credit to play another time.

Can I book and play with a friend or member of my household?

The current guidelines mean that you can play doubles with members of your own household and singles with a friend from another household.

Will I be able to play after the 2nd December?

We are heavily dependent and steered by the guidance provided to us by  the govenment and the LTA. With that said, we hope to resume a full or slightly reduced programme from the 3rd December when this lockdown is scheduled to end.

Spring courses are currently available to book so be sure not to miss out.



We cannot wait to welcome you all back on court from the 29th March…


Booking is currently available for Easter & Summer Camps as well as Adult Evening Courses

Booking details for the Summer Term will also be available very soon.

See you on court soon!

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