Community Schools Programme

Community Schools Outreach Programme

We have been working with local schools providing free tennis in the form of assemblies, taster days, curriculum sessions and lunchtime clubs. See below a couple of examples of what we have been up to and please get in touch if you would like us to run a taster session or club at your school!

Westhill School

After the Taster/I.D. sessions we identified 12 children, all of which came down to King Georges Park on Tuesdays at 4pm for the £1 community squad session funded by our trust. The school also brought us in to run an After School Club on Mondays. These worked well in conjunction with each other as some children were able to play twice a week and if a few dropped out from the Squad sessions we could invite children from the club who were showing promise.

The Squad session ran throughout the winter with a core of about 6 very dedicated year 1&2 players, playing in the cold with fading light, loving tennis and improving considerable!

We hope to replicate this experience as much as possible around the borough at the Park sites.

Swaffield School Feedback

“Rob is very kind to me because he helps me get better at Tennis” – Jack aged 6

“Rob does nice thinking to make up new games for me and my friends” – Myah aged 5

“I love tennis at school because it makes me feel proud when I play well “- Cherise aged 5

“I learn new things in tennis. it makes my brain be creative.” Jhanay aged 6

“Tennis is epic!” Markuss aged 6

Easter camp picnetball